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One of the countries that represents taste, magic, culture and tradition in South America is the wonderful Peru. Peru, a country with a rich culture, has it all; from impressive mountain routes, wonderful waterfalls, exotic jungles that are bathed by the Amazon River, beautiful colonial and pre-colonial cities, shamanism, modern cities, ancient and millenary cultures, warm deserts, volcanoes, crystalline lakes, mysticism, tradition and much more - all this and much more in one country!
Peru offers an enormous amount of outdoor activities to satisfy the interests of all visitors and explorers. A trekking, for an expedition of several days where you can camp alone or in the company of a group of friends or if you are encouraged to hike surrounded by incredible mountains or observe the exotic wildlife in the Amazon basin.

Are you hesitant to travel to Peru ALONE or WITH FRIENDS?

If you are planning to travel to Peru, and possibly not yet decided to visit Peru alone or with a group of friends. At AndesPathPeru we know that this decision is very important, since traveling alone is a totally different experience than traveling in a group.
Both options have their positive and negative aspects, but your decision will ultimately depend on your own personality and what you seek and want to experience on your journey..
We are very committed to organize every detail of your vacation, if you want to know Peru alone, with your partner or your family. AndesPathPerú offers you a variety of options so that you can choose between complete tourist packages that go from one day to 15 days.



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Travel Peru ALONE

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Andes Path Peru is committed to providing you with a completely immersive experience. To ensure a smooth trip and easy interaction with the local population, we will provide, at your request, bilingual guides who speak Spanish and English. We can also assist you in a variety of other languages. During your tour, your professional guide can also assist you with Peruvian etiquette and cultural customs, including protocol for visiting Peru's ancient temples. And our Cusco city tours, Machu Picchu Tours, Humantay Lake or Machu Picchu reserves.

See below for more information about the different types of custom travel APPC. offers. From stunning luxurious tours and business trips to enriching cultural experiences for student groups and families, we are proud to take you on a journey of a lifetime to the enigmatic ‘Land of the Inkas.

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